This sewing pattern is NOT conventionnal.

It has been designed to optimize fabric consumption and reduce the waste we usually produce when we cut a garment. It therefore results in a rectangle jigsaw-like pattern where all the pieces fit together without producing any fabric scraps.


Whether you are an industrial pattern maker, a designer, a home maker, a pattern provider, a 3D nerd, a sartorial teacher, or just a curious folk, please note that this pattern template is meant to provide you some foundations so you can experiment Ø waste design on your own ! It is just a Ø waste layout proposal so you are highly encouraged to modify it, improve it and share it again under the same conditions as I did (open source licence BY SA) so it becomes a participative DIY project. The online forum page is meant to be used for this. Please share with us your feedbacks, your improvement suggestions, your grading tips or any other sewing related advices ! Don’t be shy, any contribution is valuable and really helps the makers community ;)


In this experiment package you can find different files which are meant to cover a wide range of garment making practices - from manual to digital. So depending on the tools you are used to work with, and your objectives you can choose the file format which is the most appropriated :

- PDF to be printed (A0, A4, USLETTER)


- Lectra (.mdl)

- Any CAD (.dxf)

-Clo3d (.Zprj)

FYI, the minimum fabric consumption required to male this dress is 150 x 150 cm



Between design research, prototyping, grading, translation, photo shooting, video tutorial and publishing, this ZWD package took me about 70 hours to finilize, which equals to 1400 € for a free lance minimum wage + additionnal fees.

I chose to share it under the open source licence CC BY-SA as I want to make it accessible to anyone and keep spreading the word of #zerowastedesign. 

The open source licence CC BY-SA means that you can download it for FREE, use it, modify it and share it the same conditions as long as you mention MILAN AV-JC. 

However, if you want to support the development of new patterns, you can also give a contribution.  So depending on how much you want to contribute you just have to copy & paste one of the below promo codes in your cart and you'll get the appropriate discount :











Contributive downloads : 58

Free downloads : 356

Funding rate : 17 %   (315€ out of 1884€)    

last update on 31/04/2021

Any questions, feedbacks about this project ?

Feel free to share them through the online forum