"act " trousers


Drapeau de la France

Available from size 34 to 42

Level: Easy

10, 00 €


The "ACT" trousers are the result of a desire of everyday comfort. The ability of being well dressed and yet having complete freedom in your movements.
Adjusted at the waist thanks to a removable belt, these trousers adapt to all body shapes.
Two pleated pockets are also sewn onto the back, showcasing your behind.


The zero waste "ACT" trousers are available in sizes 34 to 42.
To choose the best size for you, just measure around your hips (the largest part around your buttocks).
You do not need to measure your waist since the trousers are adjusted with a belt.
Once you have your hip measurement, refer to the chart underneath.

NB : If your hip measurement is between sizes, choose the biggest.
For example : if your hip measurement is 96cm, choose the size 38.

What you'll need ?

To make the "ACT" trousers, you will need the following things :
- a computer 
- an A4 printer
- blank A4 paper 
- scissors
- cellotape
- a sewing machine
- an iron 
- pins
- a measuring tape
- tailor's chalk

Which fabric ?

The "ACT" trousers can be cut in many different fabrics (cotton, linen, viscose, polyester, tencel). Viscose and tencel will make a more fluid and confortable trousers, whereas cotton will add a slight stiffness (this is better for beginners).
Before buying your fabric, refer to the chart underneath to know the length and width needed to cut out your pattern.

*Minimum width : This measure is the minimum width of fabric that you will need to cut out your trousers. Unlike more conventionnel patterns, the zero waste patterns are designed for a specific width, covering all of the fabric. You will need to take in to account this factor when buying your fabric.
For example : If you are a 36, the fabric width should be at least 140cm.
If you are a 42, it should be at least 148cm.
**Minimum length : This measure is the length of fabric you
will need for the trousers to fall mid-ankle. Depending on your height, or what you fancy day to day, you can choose to add 5, 10 or 15cm to this length to make your trousers longer.
For exemple : for the flower and the red trousers worn by the model, we added 10cm to the minimum length given (she measures 1m77 and is wearing a size 38

supplies NEEDED:

To make the "ACT" trousers, you will need the following supplies:
- cotton or polyester thread in the colour of your choice
- a bias in the colour of your choice for the inside of the garment.
Refer to the chart below to know how much bias is needed depending on your size/

User guide for the digital pattern :

Once you have bought and downloaded your pattern, you will have a .zip file in which you will find several files and folders.
Choose the printing format best for you (A4, A0 or US letter) and open the corresponding folder. Inside you will have access to several PDF files.
Each file corresponds to one size, so you just need to click on the file with your size and print it out. (No more incomprehensible patterns needing to be traced out !).

Afraid you won't understand ? Do not panic, you just need to follow this video tutorial :

STEP-BY-STEP sewing tutorial: