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Why sharing open source patterns ?

Zero Waste Design is a philosophy which deserves to be known and widely implemented. However this cannot be possible without demonstrating the benefits and the different techniques. Sharing in open source allows designers to understand, be inspired and think about it for futures collections.
It is unlikely that two designers, with their own backgrounds and personal influences, would design exactly the same garment with the same technique. And even if design was copied, would it really be a problem ?
If you have never noticed it, you need to open your eyes : all of the garments available in stores today are identical (in terms of shape) from one brand to another.
Indeed, to create new garments, they are shopping and copying what they find in competitors' stores. In the industry it's a well known phenomenon but it doesn't seem to bother anyone...obviously !
What is the point of keeping patterns secret then ? ​Once we understand how zero waste design works, we will also understand how powerful and unlimited this philosophy is.

Sharing is allowing us to innovate together.

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