Drapeau de la France

Available from size 34 to 46

Level: Easy

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The zero waste "KARMA" trench is the result of a desire to mix sophisticated pieces with simplicity. This may sound like a paradox, but it's not ! You will find all the fundamentals of a classic trench (peaked collar, shoulder plackets, belt loops, side pockets ...) without getting lost in an endless build-up of finishes.
Made in a stretch suede, that doesn't fray, the visible and hidden edges, are all left raw ! You may put your overlock machine to rest for now !

The zero waste "KARMA" trench is available in sizes 34 to 46.
You will find the measurement table, used to develop all the MILAN AVJC patterns, just below.
This will allow you to choose the size best adapted to your morphology:

Please note :  If you are hesitant between two sizes, do not worry too much as this trench is outerwear, which not only has enough ease, but also a certain percentage of elasticity from the choice of fabric (please refer to the "WHICH FABRIC ?" section below) 
FIY, the model measures 1m70 and is wearing a size 38


To make the "KARMA " trench, you will need the following things :
- a computer
- an A4 printer
- blank A4 paper
- scissors
- cellotape
- a sewing machine 
- stretch needles (your machine may skip stitches in certain delicate areas)
- an iron 
- pins 
-a measuring tape
- tailor's chalk (or an erasable pen)


The zero waste « KARMA » trench is a model that has been developed exclusively for suede, with a raw edge finish.
Therefore you must choose a supple fabric that does not fray !

Here you will find the reference that we used: 
Composition: 94% Polyester 8% Elasthanne 
Width :150cm
Weight: 300g/m2 (450g/mL)
Stretching ability : > 20% (weft) / 2% (warp)

If you wish to use the same reference as ours, please note that it is available in several colours, with two retailers:


5 Avenue Robert Schuman,
33170 Gradignan, France 

// Attention//
Before buying your suede, please refer to the chart below, to know the minimum length and width needed to cut out your trench !

* minimum WIDTH: This measure corresponds to the width of the fabric needed to cut out your pattern. Unlike conventionnel patterns, zero waste patterns are made for a specific width covering every inch of fabric.  You will need to take this measurement into account when buying your fabric.
For example : if you are a size 36, the width of fabric should be at least 134 cm. If you are a size 46 the width of fabric should be at least 147 cm.
NB: the reference of suede used for the MILAN AV-JC trench is 150 cm wide. If you choose to use the same reference, it doesn’t matter which size you choose !

** minimum LENGTH: This measure corresponds to the length of fabric needed to cut out the trench (mid-calf length for a person measuring 1m70)
Depending on your height or just your everyday whims, you can choose to add or take away, 5, 10 or 15 cm to this length to make a longer or shorter trench!


To make the "KARMA" trench, you will need the following :
 - polyester thread in the colour of your choice 
- cotton bias in the colour of your choice (only if you wish to strengthen the neckline.  You can also use the selvage (as explained in the tutorial) to cut out a band of around 2,5 cm x 65 cm)

MILAN AVJC patterns are exclusively designed as digital patterns in PDF format.
Why ?
To limit the ecological impact of course ! In this way, only the patterns you want to use are printed out !

What does it contain ?
When you buy one of our patterns, you will receive a download link. Once your download is finished, you will have a .zip file in which you will need to decompress to find several files and folders :
- a user guide
- a printing test

- 3 folders each containing the patterns in several different printing formats (A4, A0 or US letter).
Choose the printing format best for you (usually A4 if you are printing from home) and open the corresponding folder. Inside you will have access to several PDF files.
Each file corresponds to one size, so you just need to click on the file with your size and print it out.
(Important : make sure the "full size" option is selected before you start printing).

Afraid you won't understand ? Do not panic, you just need to follow this video tutorial :

What are the advantages of zero waste patterns ?

- Each PDF contains one size (no more uncomprehensible patterns needing to be traced out ! You just need to print what you need)
- As the pattern is one big piece of paper, you just need to place it on your fabric, pin and cut (paper and fabric together) following the indications. No need to search for the grain, or place your pattern piece by piece, everything has already been done for you !
- And the best part, you do not generate any leftovers apart from the selvage ! It is true that your fabric retailer probably doesn't always cut the fabric perfectly horizontally, so you will probably have a few scraps, but don't worry, thinking zero waste it's already a great step forward !