outfit ZWS17-E7


virtual prototyping footage


virtual vs. real

This outfit (size 38) is composed of two garments: a blouse and a pair of short pants both created with a 3D prototyping software to avoid producing any fabric waste. 
On the left, the virtual garments created by 3D prototyping.On the right, the real outcomes once garments got sewn. 


garments cutting plan

second blouse pattern (pocket variant)

blouse pattern

fabric surface

short pants pattern

Distinctive characteristicThe blouse has been created by pair. It means that the pattern officially becomes "zerowaste" once two copies of it are interlocked together on the fabric lay.  The only difference between those two copies is the shape of the bust pocket. One has a rounded shape and the other one is peaky. The short pants pattern however is a spinoff of the trousers pattern presented in the outfit n°2.

This pattern simplification is a mix of the cutting plan ZWS17-P11 & ZWS17-P13. To find out more about their composition and download it under different formats click here after...



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